Botox Courses for Beginners

You can become a successful non-surgical cosmetic practitioner by taking part in a Botox course for beginners. There are so many reputable aesthetics training academies that offer Botox courses for beginners, like Dr Hennessy’s Academy. If you are someone with a medical professional background but do not have any aesthetics training, then these kinds of courses can give you the knowledge and skills you need to enter the aesthetics industry.

The benefits of a Botox course for beginners

There are so many benefits and new opportunities that can arise from being trained in Botox treatments, some of the benefits are:

  • The training period is short, some courses only last a day to be fully trained. Therefore, there won’t be much time required by you and you can start administrating Botox treatments soon after.
  • Opening up yourself up to new opportunities, you can gain training in the latest techniques and most recent treatments. This will give you a competitive advantage and make your practice stand out more to clients.
  • There is the opportunity to open yourself up to a new revenue stream, as you can charge between £1100-£200 for Botox treatments, where treatments will require less than an hour each time.
  • Once you start to treat clients, you are able to build better relationships with your clients. Building relationships can mean that your clients are more likely to return back to you for their future treatments

What can you expect from a Botox course for beginners?

Throughout the day of a Botox course for beginners, you will gain the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to take that first step into your aesthetics career. A good Botox course should provide you with live models to practice the treatments on, to ensure you have the correct understanding of facial structures and the skin aging process.

Your trainee should always be on hand to oversee any practice treatments and to answer any questions you have regarding Botox.

Book a Botox course for beginners

If you would like to find out more information about Botox courses for beginners or are unsure as to which course suits your needs best, then get in touch with Dr Hennessy Academy today. Once you have completed one of their foundation courses, they then offer advanced courses for medical professionals that are wanting to take their aesthetics career to the next level.

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