From Basics to Bold: A Comprehensive Guide to Women’s Tops for Every Occasion

Weddings, meetings, events- they all have one thing in common, it’s confusing to figure out what to wear to them. Deciding what to wear depends on the formality of the occasion, the venue, the time of the year, and more. Clothes say a lot about you and influence one’s impression of you to a great extent. You can follow some basic standards while choosing outfits to create a lasting impression.

Formal events

You can wear sophisticated clothes with a feminine undertone for formal events like business meetings and charity galas. Chic dresses with a soft undertone can do you good and enhance your natural feminine energy. You can also wear business suits or formal dress to meetings.

Avoid wearing low-cut or short clothes as they lack a professional touch. For example, wearing women’s sleeveless tops, you can carry a light blazer or scarf to cover up the design.

Informal events

For casual events like the wedding of close ones, family get-togethers, and birthday parties, you can loosen up a little and wear bright clothes. On the other hand, informal events give you a chance to dress in your style and experiment with clothes and combinations to find something unique.

Women’s sleeveless tops are an excellent choice for informal events. They are versatile and can be styled with almost everything, like jeans, skirts, shorts, and skorts. In fact, you can create unique outfits by dressing up a women’s sleeveless top using jewellery and accessories.

Career-related events

For career-related events like job interviews and graduation, you can go for fits that are clean, professional, and appropriate. A tailored suit with some pumps or a sleek dress with heels can make you shine bright and impress people on your special day.

If you want to experiment, you can style up clothes. For instance- you can wear a women’s sleeveless top with dress pants and a jacket on top. This look can be alleviated using jewellery like minimalist hoops or pendants. Wear some neutral pumps, and voila!

Tops to wear on different occasions

Markets are flooded with tops and tees in unique styles like cropped, asymmetrical, etc. However, it is important to know when and how to wear different tops to create a jaw-dropping outfit. Let’s take a deep dive into the most common tops and how they can be styled-

  • Blouses

These are long, professional tops that are perfect for work. Just throw on some work pants and your favourite blouse and get a comfortable look. But these are not just limited to formal occasions; blouses can be worn with shorts and skirts to create a vacation-y look.

  • Women’s sleeveless top

Women’s sleeveless tops are quite popular these days. In a hot country like India, women’s sleeveless tops are a boon as they make any look chic while ensuring comfort. Students can style women’s sleeveless tops with palazzos, shorts, jeans, pants, and even pyjamas.

  • Shirts

Shirts are another great apparel option and, once again, very versatile. Formal looks can be created by pairing them with jeans, while informal looks can be created with skirts. You may also strike up an indo-western look by wearing linen shirts with palazzos, dupattas, or some dainty jhumkas.

  • Oversized

The Gen-Z is going crazy over oversized tees, and begrudgingly the millennials will have to admit that their comfort is unmatched. However, since oversized clothes lack a formal aura, it is best to avoid wearing them in situations that call for formality. Instead, wear them in the gym or at casual meet-ups.


Choosing the right clothes for every occasion can be tough, but following a few simple rules can help you decide on a good fit so you are the diamond of every occasion.

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