Five Tips to Create a Sustainable Wardrobe

Did you know that your fashion shopping habits can affect the environment? If you are like other shoppers, you want to shop without feeling guilty. You want to buy garments that are produced with as little harm as possible to the environment and made by people who are treated well. The brands you support, the materials you seek out, and the way you use and recycle your clothing can make a difference in the fashion lifecycle. If you are looking to improve your shopping habits and create a more environment-conscious wardrobe, consider the tips below:

Shop Knowledgeably

You can only practice sustainable shopping when you educate yourself. Take the time to investigate the production practice of a company before you buy from them. Also, look for where their clothes are made from and whether they are handmade. Think about the fabrication of the clothing. Look for those made of responsible materials such as hemp, linen, or organic cotton. Check out great options at

Prioritize Quality Over Quantity

To create a sustainable wardrobe, purchase fewer things but better quality. This will make sure you have a more curated closet and lower your negative effect on the planet. Try to avoid fast-fashion purchases or embracing fleeting trends. Love each piece you buy by wearing it many times or keep it around for many years.

Consider Second-hand Shopping

If you want to lower your impact on the environment, buying second hand is a fun and easy way to achieve this. Thrift and vintage shopping will bring unique pieces into your wardrobe and let you consume beyond the fashion cycle. Buying pre-loved clothes will provide them with new life and prolong their purpose.

Purchase Less

Focus on minimizing your shopping to just the essentials. With a lot of beautiful new pieces on the market every season, you can be tempted to want everything. But, you may not get to use all of the pieces you get most excited about it to their full potential. Spend time auditing your closet to see what you need and do not stock up on pieces which do not serve a purpose.

Choose Committed Brands

A lot of clothing brands are committed to changing the fashion industry for the better. When doing your homework, you will find out the brands that are committed to embracing environment-friendly practices at every step of their production process. Prioritize these brands first when shopping for your next fashion pieces.

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