Four Tips when Designing your Cosmetics Packaging

Beauty products are a staple in bathroom cabinets anywhere in the world. Thus, if you own a beauty or cosmetic line, there is a strong potential for growth you can grab. However, you must find ways to break through the clutter and make your product stand out on the shelf.

Your cosmetics packaging is what customers will see first. That is why you need packaging that grabs their attention and speaks to what customers are looking for. However, how can you design the type of packaging which makes your target customers buy your products? Below are some expert tips to help you:

Define your Target Customers

Who are you designing your packaging for? Are you looking to attract teenage girls or women of color who want makeup which matches their skin tone? What about masculine men that want baby soft skin? After knowing who your target customers are, determine what they are looking for in a cosmetics brand and what will capture their attention.

Define the Personality of your Brand

The personality that you wish to portray to your target customers will determine the design elements you use in your product packaging. Do you want to portray your brand as simple and classic or luxurious? What about accessible?

Decide on How to Sell your Products

Are you selling cosmetic products online or in store? Will it be in big retail shops or small boutiques? Depending on where you are planning to sell your products, your design strategy might change.

Set Up Design Standards

When designing your product packaging, focus on setting your design elements first. They include:

  • Style. Will your design have a minimalist vibe or a more over-the-top style? With the style defined, you will be able to lead the rest of your design and make sure you make packaging decisions that suit your overall design goals.
  • Colors. Pick colors which match your brand personality, capture the attention of your target customers, and stand out from the competition. When picking the color palette, stay true to your brand. Choose a color that is synonymous with your brand.


  • Fonts. Pick fonts that are unique, on brand, and recognizable to your customers. For instance, if you want a feminine, flirty, or fun font, choose a script or whimsical font. Want a clean and sophisticated font?  If so, consider a sans serif font to offer an upscale modern feel.

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