How to look good on Zoom

Nowadays, Zoom has become the main tool for communication. It is used on a daily basis at work, school, university, or home. Although we don’t have to be dolled up from top to bottom for a meeting, we should still look good. It just takes a few minutes.

Make sure you have proper lighting and a good camera position.
It is important to sit right next to a window if you want to look sharp on camera. You should avoid a dimly-lit place or the one where your back faces the window. This will deteriorate the quality of your video.
If you can’t move to a place with some natural light, then it is a great idea to use artificial lighting. For example, a small lamp will do. Remember to make it angled toward your face so that you are illuminated.

Position your laptop at eye level
It highly unlikely you want to share an unflattering view of yourself with other people. That is why it is important to pick the right angle. Place your laptop right at eye level so that others can’t see your, say, double-chin.

Pick up a plain background.
You don’t want to distract others or be worried about the possibility of showing your messy room accidentally. The best option here is to sit in front of a plain wall. It is acceptable to have something simple in the background, such as a bookcase or a picture.

Don’t sit very close to the camera.
Some screens have a built-in zoom in. Even if you don’t have it, you still have to stick to an arm’s length rule. Make sure others can see the top of your head at the top of the screen and your armpits at the bottom.

If starting a video is not an option for you, then use a virtual background.
Pick your favorite photo and use it as a background. Keep in mind that you don’t have to use your own photo. You can choose a picture of an animal or nature landscape.

Take care of yourself.
Although we don’t go in public, it is still worth picking a nice outfit and doing your hair. Try changing your pajamas into something more professional. Make sure to dress at least waist-up.

Make use of the ‘touch up my appearance’ option.
It is an easy way to look instantly good on camera. This feature corrects any imperfections such as pimples or under-eye circles.

Take advantage of the preview option.
After you click the link to a conference, you have the option of choosing whether to turn your video on or not. At this point, you can make sure you look great, and your video is sharp. Make any necessary adjustments prior to entering the conference.

Make use of these tips to look your best at the next conference of yours.

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