Lavanya Sutra Ayurvedic Beauty Treatment

Lavanya sutra may be the session of Ayurveda that deals mainly with beauty treatment for ladies. Lavanya or lavanyam means beauty and sutra is some directions or techniques.

Lavanya sutra in Ayurveda may be the manner of maintaining beauty by making certain a healthier lifestyle and addressing specific beauty difficulties with natural treatments.

The various parts of lavanya sutra are skincare, proper hair care, eye care, mouth care, nail care, feet care and keeping a trimmed and healthy body.

Physical beauty isn’t separate from a person’s health. Only healthy persons might have attractive beauty. Similar to the situation of healthcare, Ayurvedic beauty treatment also depends upon freeing body from bodily wastes or toxins (known as ama), optimum diet to body and also the balance from the three doshas of tridoshas.

Ayurveda is extremely skeptical about putting on make ups. Even one inch of makeup on face can’t hide the troubles of mind, period. There’s an important facet of lavanya sutra, Ayurvedic beauty treatment treatise. It isn’t just the physical aspect that provides beauty to some lady, but additionally her mental bearings. The benefits of mind is going to be easily visible on face. Same with gloom and worries.

Lavanya sutra beauty treatment Ayurveda does not hold on there. It reaches spiritual levels the person must be in constant touch with divine to keep internal and exterior beauty. Based on Ayurvedic concepts, one that is self-aware is going to be eternally beautiful and wish no physical adornments.

The cosmetics utilized in Ayurveda beauty treatment are herbal plants like henna, Natural Aloe-vera, hibiscus, honey, turmeric (Curcuma longa), kasthoori manjal (Curcuma aromatica), sandal wood paste and the like naturally available herbs that detox, nourishes and tones your skin.

Possible spelling variations for lavanya sutra: lavanya suthra, lavanya sootra, lavanya soothra, lavanyasutra, lavannya sutra, lavannya suthra, lavannya sootra and lavannya soothra.

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