New dress styles for the summer

Is your wardrobe summer-ready? If not, we’ve got some pointers on stocking the newest dresses for the season.

Dresses have long been the fashionable woman’s wardrobe staple. Lately, they have been adopted even by older women, whereas they would be worn primarily by teenagers and women in their 20s earlier. Also, there are varied styles and designs available both online and offline.

If you feel that your wardrobe needs a fresh infusion of summer dresses, then you can easily browse for new dresses online. Several domestic and international brands have new designs for summer dresses, which you should check out right away on your shopping app!

Check out these superb options in summer dressing from Global Desi online:

* Shift dresses. Shift dresses are the most comfortable option for the summer. They do not hug the body in any part of the body, so they allow the skin to breathe. The silhouette is relaxed so that you can move about comfortably without feeling the heat. Plus, their comfortable fit lets these dresses dry up faster if you happen to sweat profusely on a hot day. Buy new shift dresses in fresh new colours and designs, and pair with gladiator flats, or kitten heels and an oversized handbag.

* Asymmetric hems. If you thought that asymmetric hems were so last year, think again – the style is a dominant one on the leading runways of the world. Asymmetric hems are high on style and they instantly elevate your style quotient by several notches. These dresses can be both short or long, and they are normally flowy in silhouette instead of cinched at the waist. Pair this dress with bellies or brogues. Global desi online has some stunning options in asymmetric hem dresses.

* Maxi dresses. Many women prefer to wear maxi dresses in this season. They are loose and floaty, and they look good on any body type. So whether you are tall or short, pudge or slim, a maxi dress is the best option for the summer.

* Off shoulder dresses. You might never have worn an off shoulder dress before, but there’s always a first time for everything, right? And when it’s an off shoulder dress, you should spare no more time in trying it out. They are one of the most stylish options this summer, with a straight silhouette and a knee-length hem. If you have a heavy bust, then don’t opt for detailing at the chest and shoulder. Off shoulder dresses may have both long or short sleeves. Global Desi online has some pretty off shoulder dresses for summer.

Open your preferred shopping app like Jabong, to browse for the newest and freshest cuts and designs in summer dresses. Happy shopping!

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