If you are looking for gift inspirations for the upcoming white elephant gift exchange, here are few suggestions inspired by The Cuddl.

  • Tetris Stackable LED desk lamp: If there is going to be fans of Tetris among the guests then this is an excellent choice; the lamp has seven different shapes of Tetris in six different, and it can be stacked in any order. Also, as you stack them, the LED blocks turn its light on; it turns off once you disassemble it.
  • Star Wars Origami: 36 Amazing Paper Folding Projects From a Galaxy Far, Far Away: If you prefer creative gifts or if your guests are fans of Star Wars then this is a good choice. These gifts were created by Chris Alexander, founder of the website that is dedicated for origami inspired by Star Wars; the package includes lightsabers, Yoda, R2D2, Leia, the Death Star, Boba Fett, and so on. You also have an option to choose a gift based on the difficulty level too; it ranges from easy (for younglings), medium (for Padawans), difficult (for Jedi knights) to tricky (for Masters).
  • Creature Cups T-Rex Ceramic Cups: If the party is inclusive, or exclusive of kids, then this is an excellent choice; kids do believe these to be cool. These are microwaveable and dishwasher safe which makes it more efficient for use. Kids that love the Jurassic Park franchise will enjoy them more.
  • Playable Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt: If you have a guitar or you have a music enthusiast among your guests then this is an excellent choice; since it can be played by pressing a button, there is no requirement of prior knowledge for playing the guitar. It can be maintained easily too; the electronics must be removed before washing for a long-lasting product.
  • NASA Apollo Capsule Cookie Jar: This is an excellent choice if you have guests who love desserts; the jar resembles the historically famous NASA Apollo rocket and is filled with cookies. The rubber gasket on the glass lid helps to reseal it. Also, this product should be hand-washed for it to last longer.
  • Fred Pick Your Nose Nose Paper Cups: If you prefer a funny gift then this is an excellent choice; the 24 cups come printed in realistic prints of noses (12 men’s nose and 12 women’s nose). Also, few nose pictures of men do have mustaches. The exciting part of this gift is that it is very realistic and almost looks like a part of the face; it is for single-use, and each cup has a quantity of 12 ounces.
  • Nostalgia Retro Red Pop Up Hot Dog Toaster: If you prefer a gift that kindles nostalgia then this is a good choice; this toaster resembles the ‘50s hot dog toaster. It comes with a removable cage and can hold four regular/ plump hot dogs upright. Also, the toaster has slots for four buns. You can conventionally adjust the cooking time and can also stop the cooking process if the hot dogs are ready before-time.


In addition to the above gift ideas, The Cuddl has other gift ideas too which you can choose based on various factors like the theme, your budget etc.

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