Five Pedicure Trolley Cart Types

Beauticians, nail technicians, or pedicure enthusiasts all understand the importance of suitable pedicure carts trolleys. Just like any other salon equipment, buying pedicure trolleys can be taxing. With various types, shapes, and sizes available in the market, one needs to understand their requirements to find the best fit.

What is a Pedicure trolley?

A pedicure cart is a storage item that nail technicians or podiatrists use to organize and store their equipment easily accessible. Pedicure carts can include drawers where technicians hold pedicure tools. The drawers keep the tools and equipment clean and dust-free. Most pedicure carts have wheels so that they may be easily moved about.

When looking for the most incredible Pedi station for salon purposes, think about things like,

spaciousness, mobility, built strength, and aesthetics of the pedicure carts.

Types of Pedicure Carts trolleys

Check out various types before zeroing down to one as salon equipment is a long-time commitment.

With Seat Manicure Pedicure Station

Not all pedicure carts have seating, but some illustrate how storage and a sitting area may be combined. The device is dual-purpose in that it may be used for both manicures and pedicures. If both services are provided, this is ideal. The station’s footrest is fully adjustable, allowing it to be tailored to suit customers’ needs. The drawers are hidden beneath the seating area, allowing storage of all the tools right where the technician is working, making this the ideal all-arounder.

Traditional Pedi cart

It is a traditional cart that contains two compartments for storing nail tools and a resting area at the top of the cart for any presently used equipment. Some of these carts come as acetone resistant is very advantageous. This implies it won’t start to look bad due to the nail products employed on the clients. The sole disadvantage of this product is that it may be smaller than required, so keep that in mind while choosing if it can accommodate all of the equipment and products.

Pedicure Cart with Glass Top

Glass top pedicure trolleys have stainless steel handles and a frosted glass top that is easy to clean. This pedi trolley is ideal for creating a clinical atmosphere in the salon, as the clear glass contrasted with the stainless steel appears clean and professional.

Pedicure trolley with footrest

If a technician is working with consumers, having a pedicure cart with a footrest is quite beneficial. This cart is functional and has a basic appearance. The client can rest their foot on the adjustable rest while the technician works on their feet. Under the seat of the cart is a drawer where one may store their equipment.

Pedicure Cart on Wheels

Salons may require a portable pedicure cart if the various stations or a salon runs a mobile nail technician business. Many people provide services that include trips to people’s homes, so having a portable pedi cart stored in the car and strolled like a suitcase makes sense. There are several excellent models available to choose from in this type.


A comprehensive understanding of the requirements and the available options gives an upper hand in choosing the right piece that gives multipurpose utility.

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