Top Five Beard Styles in 2021

It’s obvious that beards have remained to be among the most common trends for men in the fashion world, with their ability to transform the aesthetic value of their facial shapes.

While some may be rugged, fine, or unconventional, one common thing about beards is that they are a form of self-expression for men. They are to men what makeup is to women. This article discusses the top five common beard styles to rock in 2021.

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Stubble beard or the 5, o’clock

Back in the early 30’s stubble beard was considered a sign of laziness or a man down on his luck. Nowadays, it makes an excellent alternative to those who are not ready to cultivate full beards. It balances between a short beard, and clean-shaven and is practical in style and length.

Of all the available facial styles, this is the easiest to cultivate and maintain. It also suits most of the faces. According to studies, women tend to prefer stubble men since they offer a mix of not so masculine and maturity.

The corporate beard

This is a versatile and office-friendly alternative for men who are looking to add a serious look and touch to their faces. The recommended hirsute should be a middle ground, tidily kept but not over primped.

An interesting fact about this beard style is that it works comfortably in office suits during official engagements like it does in a bar over the weekend. If trimmed well, this style can fit most faces, though angles may be tailored depending on the best features and to downplay any imperfections.

The Hollywoodian Beard

Also known as tailback beard style, Hollywoodian beard is a common trend in 2021 that every fashionista should consider having. Going by its name, this style originated from its popularity during the golden age of Hollywood, dating back to the 1960s.

It is characterized by a goatee with a full mustache and a horizontal chinstrap stretching to the visible mandible edges. For those who want to cultivate facial hairs on their cheeks and sideburn, this style is ideal.

To add more aesthetic to the facial hair, they can choose to give them a complementing beard color based on their preference. Remember also not to cut the neckline too far.

The scruffy beard

This is a rough-looking type of beard that is slightly longer than the 5 o’clock shadow or stubble. It usually displays a unique feature of rugged look that appears excellent on men showing rugged and tough natures.

Individuals should wait for around three weeks for their hair to grow and get this look. Let them trim the scruffs properly to prevent them from reaching Adam’s apple. And because this style can be itchy, ensure to use conditioners and moisturizers to keep it soft and hydrated.

The short boxed beard style

This style is somehow similar to the corporate style, with a slight difference in length at the chin to show the jawline clearly.

 Individuals should be patient and cultivate the facial hairs for up to three months before designing a taper on the sideburns to show this beard style.

While this style can fit any face form, it looks perfect on people with oval faces. It is easier to maintain, and one can customize it with a beard color of their choice for added beauty.


Beards are undoubtedly the most common trend for men. It is a way of self-expression and increases face value.

Hopefully, this post has been helpful for those looking for the trendy beard style to pick in 2021. Individuals can choose from the boxed beard, the scruff, corporate, Hollywoodian, or the stubble beard styles as they have become among the trendiest styles of 2021.

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